Drill Pipe Wipers-Dual Split

Drill Pipe Wipers are designed for application to Drill pipes where a solid master bushing is used. Dual wipers are made with a split spring steel reinforcing ring. Construction of Dual Wipers is such, so as to allow the wiper to be opened up and threaded around the pipe. 

Our Dual Standard Drill Pipe Wipers are available for 2-3/8” to 7″ drill pipes/tubing and wiper sizes range from 14” to 24”. It is important to mention tubing size and wiper size during the inquiry. Dual Split Drill Pipe wipers from Astarn Engineering & Oilfield Supplies Pvt Ltd are equivalent to Bettis Drill Pipe Wipers and Regal Drill Pipe Wipers. 

All of our Drill Pipe Wipers are made of specially designed rubber compounds having tremendous resistance to cutting, tearing, and abrasion. Our Dual Split Drill Pipe Wipers are available for water-based and oil-based drilling mud. 

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