Liners (OEM-Oil Well)

Continental Supply Services offers a wide range of duplex and triplex liners with unmatched performance and durability even in most severe drilling condition.  CSS provides liners for all brands of mud pump including but not limited to Bomco, Drillmec, Emsco, Gardner Denver, Ideco, Lewco, National, Oil well, and Wirth. CSS  liners are available in two styles, chrome-iron liners for standard service and zirconia-ceramic liners for long lasting performance in such cases where normal liner change frequencies are too costly. 

High Performance Chrome-Iron Liners Features include: 

  1. 60 to 68 RC bore hardness.
  2. 25% Chrome alloy sleeve with extendable polish for longer lasting performance.
  3. Chrome-iron sleeve press fit and secured by high pressure safety lips.
  4. Forged steel hull
  5. Range of sizes available from 4-1/2″ to 7″

We can supply best performing replacement liners for Oil Well mud pump as per below table.

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