Oil Seal (OEM-National)

CSS offer a large selection of oil seal designs ranging from spring loaded, metal casings, rubber covered casings as well as several other custom lip and case designs. We also supply custom shaft seals per applications and design needs. 

We supply high performance single lip and double lip designed seals for general-purpose rotary and high pressure sealing applications. An optimized seal lip with a garter spring maintains a constant radial lip force for optimum sealing.  The metal case is exposed to the elements and to the fluid, however, the application of an optional sealant coating to the case improves both static sealing and corrosion resistance between the housing and the seal outer diameter.  The secondary lip serves as both an effective protection against light airside contaminants and as a lube retainer. Maximum service life can be achieved by applying a suitable lubricant between the two sealing lips. 

All our Oil Seals are fully exchangeable with OEM parts. Astarn Engineering and Oilfield Supplies Pvt Ltd produce and supply Oil Seals compatible with 8-P-80/9-P-100,10-P-1300 and 12-P-160 models of National mud pumps.

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