Packer Cups

Astarn Engineering & Oilfield Supplies Pvt Ltd supply a wide range of Packer Cups and replacement Packer Cups for the leading Packer Cup manufactures. These Packer Cups are developed to perform in varying well conditions and provide maximum durability and seal-ability in the toughest of oilfield conditions. We manufacture both Wire Skeleton / Wire Mesh / Wire Frame Packer Cups and Rubber Packer Cups without any mesh.  

The Packer Cups are made of strong, flexible spring steel reinforcing wires instead of an alloy steel base. This forms the “skeleton” for the tough body of the special elastomer compound that is specifically developed for oilfield applications where they are used in deep, heavy duty, harsh environment service.  

Our Packer Cups are available in various sizes right from a 1-1/4″ tubing through a 7″ casing and more, suitable mandrel size is 3-1/2’’. Specific sizes / designs can be developed based on customer’s requirements.  

Our Packer Cups are:   

  • Able to sustain High Pressure and High Temperature. 
  • Are proven in reliability.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes.   
  • Pressure Tested for your requirements and at temperatures of 150ºC (302ºF)
  • Tested for 30 cycles. 
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