Piston (OEM-Oil Well)

CSS supply all over the world high quality replacement piston rubber and bonded pistons rubbers. CSS’s replaceable rubber pistons are assembled with a premium quality rubber kit. Our piston hubs are available in size of 4” to 7” in series of A, K, B and L for most duplex and triplex mud pumps. 

Our flex-lip piston design has been engineered to withstand the demands of today’s high-pressure/ high-temperature drilling conditions. Manufactured in India CSS pistons feature a proprietary, abrasion-resistant urethane that is compatible with oil and water based drilling fluids. Along with this chemical compatibility, our urethane is rated for temperatures up to 300°F and pressures up to 7500 psi. 

Bull Nose is an extreme service piston with a bull-nose shape that has the benefits of a bull-nose piston, while also keeping some of the flexible leading-edge benefits of the Flex-Lip piston. This is a high performance urethane bonded piston designed for high pressure and higher temperature applications. This piston is designed with a Multi-durometer bonded urethane and a built in lubricant to reduce friction within the liner allowing for longer piston and liner life. 

We can supply high performing fully exchangeable pistons compatible with most of the OEM mud pumps. Continental Supply Services supply replacement pistons for Oil Well pumps as per below table. 

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