Plunger (OEM-Halliburton)

A plunger is used from the liquid end of the system to create a suction effect. This effect opens the suction valve and allows the medium to flow into the liquid end of the system. After this, the plunger moves forward. 

This process displaces the available volume within the system, which increases the pressure of the fluid being pumped. The discharge valve opens after the suction valve closes, which thus opens a path to the process area. This is where pressurized fluid ends up. 

CSS supply Stainless steel / alloy steel Plungers with or without hard-coating and ceramic-coating in different sizes for different models of plunger pumps manufactured by BJ, Halliburton, Oil Well, OPI, Gardner Denver and others. The selection of metallurgy for different applications for plunger and plunger packings are essentially the most important factor for longer working life. 

CSS supply ceramics and metal plungers based on customer’s requirements: 

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