Rubber to Fabric Bonded Parts

Our range of diaphragms includes: 

Fabric reinforced diaphragms. 

PTFE rubber bonded diaphragms. 

Thin walled diaphragms. 

CSS can bond most rubbers to a wide range of fabrics where the product requires flexible reinforcement. Typical applications are for pump and valve diaphragms. Fabrics that we can process include the following; 

  • Cotton 
  • Glass fibre 
  • Nylon 
  • Polyester 
  • Xylon 


PTFE rubber bonded diaphragms: 

CSS has the technology and experience to offer a comprehensive PTFE rubber bonding diaphragms to all areas of industry. PTFE is known for its high chemical resistance and low friction. For this reason, it is a highly functional material for use in many diaphragm applications including hygienic and aggressive chemicals. 

Thin walled diaphragms: 

Thin walled diaphragms from CSS are used in applications where wall thickness is critical in ensuring consistent flexibility. It is essential that these diaphragms are manufactured to the tightest tolerances, in addition the material formulation is critical to ensure chemical resistance of the diaphragm, to protect the equipment from the aggressive materials.