Swivel Wash Pipe Packings (OEM-Gardner Denver)

Wash Pipe Packing is made from a synthetic and fabric composition that has been impregnated with a rubber compound highly resistant to abrasion, oil, and water. Also available is single-unit wash pipe packing, for use with swivels that require packing via cartridge-style (available with special adapter rings).  

Astarn Engineering & Oilfield Supplies Pvt Ltd produces high-performance wash pipe packing and developed further for the higher speed and pressure encountered in current oilfield drilling. The hydrodynamic inlets provide cooler operation and longer life by introducing lubricant into the dynamic sealing interface during rotation. Astarn’s wash pipe packing’s can perform with higher efficiency up to a temperature of 275°F (135°C).  

This high-performance packing is interchangeable with regular oilfield packing and uses the same fabric-reinforced elastomer construction. Currently available sizes of our wash pipe packing are suitable for 2-3/4”, 3-1/5”,3-5/8”,4-7/8” pipe OD and fully interchangeable with Gardner Denver mud swivel. 

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