Valve Assembly

Astern Engineering & Oilfield Supplies offers different kinds of valve assemblies, interchangeable to almost all popular mud pumps in the world, mainly Gardner Denver, FMC, Ellis Williams, Weatherford, Kerr, and Myres. Our valve body and valve seats feature a one-piece forged design for maximum durability, strength, and resilience.  Best in class metallurgy and heat treatment yields a stronger, tougher, and more abrasion-resistant valve and seat.  Fully compatible with most frac pumps across many different manufacturers.

Field proven durability and extended service life in comparison to competitor products. Wing-guided valves with optimized mass and geometry to aid in fluid flow and pumping efficiency

Valves utilize a unique and proprietary urethane compound fully bonded to the valve to ensure long service life and reduced risk of leakage

Our valve Inserts are made out of high-quality polyurethane material and compatible with most of the chemicals in the drilling industry. Urethane valve inserts manufactured by us is designed to meet all the demanding drilling conditions in virtually any industry today. Our urethane valve inserts are cast with precision to minimize flow restriction and fluid turbulence. This ensures a very high life and performance even under severe working conditions.

Main Features includes:

-Forging alloy steel and heat-treated

-Carburizing and quenching HRC 59-65

-API standard,100% interchangeable with OEM

-Maximum temperature rating for the high-quality polyurethane insert is 150°C.

-Highly resistant to tear, abrasion, extrusion

-Long services life

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