Valve Body (BJ Services)

CSS valves and seats are designed and manufactured using advanced engineering, metallurgy, and heat treatment that yields a product capable of withstanding the most severe pressure pumping applications. Our valves and seats were developed with one goal in mind, to deliver reduced total cost of ownership, enhanced efficiency, and improved economics for our customers. 

CSS manufactures valves and seats from the highest quality steel available utilizing a one-piece grain flow forged design to maximize durability, strength, and resilience. Our valves utilize a proprietary polymer compound that is fully bonded or replaceable insert to the valve to ensure the flexibility of operation and maintenance. Both the bonded and replaceable inserts ensure no chance of leakage, maximize abrasion resistance, and a long service life. 

Valves body and valve seats feature a one-piece forged design for maximum durability, strength, and resilience.  Best in class metallurgy and heat treatment yields a stronger, tougher, and more abrasion resistant valve and seat.  Fully compatible with most frac pumps across many different manufacturers. 

Field proven durability and extended service life in comparison to competitor products. Wing-guided valves with optimized mass and geometry to aid in fluid flow and pumping efficiency 

Valves utilize a unique and proprietary urethane compound fully bonded to the valve to ensure long service life and reduced risk of leakage 

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