Wiper Rods (OEM-Emsco)

The primary function of a rod wiper is to keep contaminants such as dirt, dust and moisture from entering the fluid power system. 

Contaminants can cause significant damage to the rod, cylinder wall, seals, valves and other components. One of the main causes of premature seal and component failure in a fluid power system is contamination. It should be noted that rod wipers failure is normally a swift result of wiper failure. While designing rod wipers we take special consideration following characteristics: 

Lip Geometry 

Groove Geometry 

Working Environment 

CSS wipers are classified as follows: 

Highly –contaminated environment wipers and scrapers 

Dust and particle exclusion wipers 

Low friction system wipers 

Dry rod operation wipers 

All our high quality wiper rods are fully exchangeable with OEM parts. CSS can supply  wiper rods compatible with following models and sizes of Emsco mud pump.

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