Clamp On Casing Protectors

The Clamp-on Casing / Tubing Protectors are used by the Rig operators while handling Tubulars between the rack and the rig floor. 

Clamp-on Casing Protector eliminates abrasion on the threads of the casing pipe while transportation and guarantee total threaded ends protection against corrosion and stresses that may occur during handling. They have more holding power compared to Inflatable Casing Protectors. The steel cage is compressed onto the casing pipes by means of steel clamps, putting more force into the holder power of the protector. Due to their tough built, these protectors require minimum maintenance compared to the Inflatable Protectors. 

CSS Clamp-on Casing Protectors are available in both polyurethane and highest grade of tough special polymers. They are built on special spring-steel cage for the superior grip and specially designed stainless-steel handles ensures quick gripping and removing from the casing threads. Polyurethane Clamp-On Casing Protectors are more long lasting compared to the Rubber Protectors. 

These Thread Protectors can be made as LTC, BTC, NEW VAM threads. The Clamp on protectors are available in from 4-1/2” Casing to 13-3/8” Casing sizes. 

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