Drill Pipe and Casing Protectors (Spiral Fluted)

CSS Drill Pipe / Casing Protectors are made of Nitrile Rubber having shore hardness 85 ± 5A with spring Steel Insert and Tapered Lock Pin Design for high abrasion, wear and tear and oil resistance.  

Spiral-Fluted Drill Pipe / Casing Protector are best suited for applications where there are high circulations of mud. In fluted design the OD of the protectors are bigger hence making it more shock absorbing and the fluted space on the outer surface of the protectors helps the mud to pass through the protectors easily. 

CSS’s Drill pipe / Casing Protectors are easy and quick to install with tapered locking pins. A special design of the pin-head ensures a positive lock on the drill pipe and easy removal. Various mechanical and hydraulic installation tools are available for the installation and removal of the Drill pipe / Casing Protector. 

We produces drill pipe protectors suitable for drill pipe sizes 3-1/2” to 5-7/8”.  

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