Drill Pipe Wipers-Flat

Pipe wipers are normally placed around the exterior of oilfield pipes. The primary purpose of single pipe wipers is to help eliminate dirt, mud, and other debris, which makes the pipe safer and easier to handle while keeping the oil rig floor clean. This protects oil rig personnel as well as the drilling equipment they depend upon in their day-to-day work. Drill pipe wipers are typically manufactured with debris-resistant rubber compounds that can withstand even the harshest rigors of oilfield operations. 

Our Drill Pipe Wipers are available for 1” to 7″ drill pipes/tubing and wiper size range from 9” to 24”. It is important to mention tubing size and wiper size during the inquiry. Our Drill Pipe wipers are equivalent to Bettis Drill Pipe Wipers, Regal Drill Pipe Wipers. 

Drill Pipe Wipers-Flat, from Astarn Engineering & Oilfield Supplies Pvt Ltd, are made of specially designed rubber compounds having tremendous resistance to cutting, tearing, and abrasion. Drill Pipe Wipers-Flat, available for both water-based and oil-based drilling mud.

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