Swivel Wash Pipe (OEM-Emsco)

Our wash pipes are manufactured by using AISI 4140 material, then quenched and tempered to 57-59 Rockwell “C”. Each pipe is then finished ground to meet or exceed some OEM standards.  

Our spray-coated wash pipes are made of various materials like S.S 316L, S.S 316, EN-36, EN-24, EN-8 grounded harden & chrome plated. These wash pipes render a much longer life as compared to case hardened ones. We use laboratory and ultrasonically tested material for the same. Wash pipes are also available with flame spray-coated with Nickel, Chrome, and Boron Powder for special application.  

Astarn Engineering & Oilfield Supplies Pvt Ltd offer a variety of replacement wash pipe for most of the OEM swivel models. Our high-performance wash pipes compatible with LB140/LB 200/LB 300/ LB 400/LB500/LB 650, LA 200/LA300 models of Emsco mud swivel. 

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